Welcome in the world of Cyberpunk


The world of Cyberpunk is a violent, dangerous place, filled with people who'd love to rip your arm off and eat it. The traditional concepts of good and evil are replaced by the values of expedience - you do what you have to do to survive. If you can do some good along the way, great.
But don't count on it.
Individual selves trying to survive, maintain control and even to preserve honor and dignity in a threatening world.
The dominant human emotions are greed and hatred. Positive emotions arise from experiencing. Strive for experiences : "It's the question that drives us, Neo."
Aesthetic style permeates everyday life and high and low cultures implode in a commodity universe.
In the future world of Cyberpunk the Modern world has not died but ruthless capitalist-modernists still economically dominate the world of Cyberpunk.
What is human identity if it's programmable ?
The rules :
1) Style over Substance.
2) Attitude is Everything.
3) Always take it to the Edge.
4) Break the Rules.


Few people still play Cyberpunk 2020. His publisher hasn't released new sourcebooks for ages and the old ones accuse their age. I attempt through this website to keep alive the genre. It gather an incalculable amount of knowledge gleaned from many websites (see credits). Similarities with these sites are obvious but there are hundreds of hours of work to correct errors and inconsistencies, rewrite parts, edit drawings, translating and above all recast it in a interface in PHP/MySQL.
Last update : November 03, 2023


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