Technologie Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is nothing without its technology. Here are some technological areas which can be considered cyberpunk :

Intelligence Artificielle
Artificial Intelligence, or AI's.

Artificial Life
Artificial life, or A-life.

Cyberpunk's basic hardware.

Cyberspace, invented by William Gibson in Neuromancer.

Cyborgs, Man/Machine Symbiosis'.

The world-wide network of interconnected computers.

Technology by means of molecular manufacturing.

Neural Interface
Direct neural interface between human brain and computer.

Machines doing things for us.

Cyberpunk's software.

Ubiquitous Computing
Ubiquitous & Wearable Computing.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality, or VR.


The Matrix is another term (slang) for the globally interconnecting computer network also known as cyberspace. As more and more networks are bridged together, we are ending up with one network of networks. Soon, as computers are equipped with radio modems, users will be able to access the worldnet from just about anywhere.

The Matrix in William Gibson's Neuromancer

Matrices, Webs and the Neutron Bomb
Essay about Gibson's conception of "cyberspace" as a consensual hallucination.

Eros and the Matrix
Cyberspace as an erotic experience.

The Erotic Ontology of Cyberspace


Evaluation de l'importance de la technologie dans le Cyberpunk
Technology is integral to cyberpunk. It separates cyberpunk from conventional science fiction.

Man and Machine (Re)Building Cyberspace
Technology's invasion/replacement of, effect upon, or indistinguishability from the human body. Eroticizing the Machine. Is man any different from a machine ?

Technology as Extension of Human Functional Architecture
An essay about technological extensions to human - attachments, implants, wrappers, manipulators...

The Cyberpunk of the '80s or the Humanization of the Metal
"One can hardly ignore a combination of nihilism and technology".

Out of Control
"To avoid self-destruction, we have to start thinking of our interaction with technology in terms of the intuitive, the irrational". A trialogue on machine consciousness with Mark Pauline, Manuel De Landa and Mark Dery.

Exploring Technoculture
Computers, Society, Pedagogy, an annotated bibliography.

Synthetic Sentience on Demand
What may be considered to be the future for some, is already the past being unfolded into the present. An essay about cybertech.

Social Consequences of Technology in a Cyberpunk World