The first mirror is slow but safe and reliable.

7.62 Code Source5.37 MBOfficial code source of 7.62 (without any asset)
7.62 Unofficial Mod Kit3.32 MBSet of tools for modding 7.62
7.62 Weapon Editor 1.51.36 MBA weapon editor made by AFP, very useful for modders
AZP Tool66.79 KBPack/unpack AZP files

7.62 IgromirMirror 222.27 MBFirst video of 7.62
BE5 CQB MovieMirror 248.53 MBA video about CQB tactics in Brigade E5 made by BlackAlpha

Bloody Money v1.046.56 MBMod for Brigade E5 made by Mick81
Bloody Money v1.01291.72 KBPatch for Blood Money mod
Blue Sun Mod v2.1Mirror 2840.53 MBMod for 7.62 made by R@S
HardLife v0.9 build 65Mirror 21304.02 MBMod for 7.62 (RUS)
HardLife v0.9 build 70Mirror 279.56 MBHardLife patch
Immortal 2.10 Badass30.05 MBMod for Brigade E5 made by AFP and his team
Unofficial Patch v1.06Mirror 21.57 MBUnofficial Patch for 7.62 made by R@S

Old stuff
7.62 Introduction37.97 MBIntroduction with english subtitles (intro movie only)
7.62 Patch 1.11Mirror 227.62 MBThe last official patch for 7.62
7.62 Translation28.1 MBEnglish version (UI, quests, etc), translation by AFP and his team